Where did Lonely Ape come from?

Founded in 2018, Lonely Ape Jewellery is designed and owned by Katherine Parkinson. 

Katherine is a Design & Craft graduate of Brighton University, who has been a jeweller for the past 5 years. 

After working in jewellers in both Surrey and London, she decided to start her own company, design her own pieces and run workshops teaching others .


"Lonely Ape Jewellery started as a nod to the gibbon.

The gibbon is the only ape that isn't a great ape. Chimps, gorillas and humans are all known as great apes, but the lonely gibbon is the only one that isn't because of its small stature.

As a person who has always felt slightly different, and perhaps not-so-great, I felt a connection with the gibbon and wanted to dedicate my company to it."

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Lonely Ape Today

Katherine now has a selection of hand crafted jewellery available to buy from her online shop. Each piece is made by hand, from high quality materials. 

From her workshop in Lightwater, Surrey she also runs jewellery classes for people looking to try making their own.

If you would like to commission a piece of jewellery, contact us directly! Katherine can carve a new animal design of your choice from wax, or work with ethical lab grown diamonds and other precious stones for something more special.